Bitcoin Trading Error Notice

On the 29th of November at around 4pm (GMT), JAFX experienced issues with Bitcoin trading that is STP’ed to Bitfinex. A situation occurred that trades were getting filled at a price of 0.00, causing leverage issues and trades not being able to close.
We are fully aware that a large number of clients were affected by this issue and we are working hard to restore trades and accounts. If your account was liquidated due to this, please email your MT4 account number to our support team.
Rest assured that we are working to resolve the situation. As there were a large number of clients that were impacted by this, please allow 24-48 hours for the correction to be made and reflect in your account.

Off Quotes

We are noticing at the moment a number of occasions when clients are getting an “Off Quote” status on their MT4 whereby they cannot close a trade.

If this is happening please contact support with your MT4 number and also the Trade ID number. From this information we will be able to locate the attempt in our logs and refund you for any losses.