JAFX Account Management

1) Register For A Trading Account

To open a JAFX trading account you simply have to visit the Open Account page and fill in your details.

Once signed up you will be redirected to your JAFX Portal where you can login with the details you signed up with.

2) Submit Verification Documents

Once logged in you will need to submit your verification documents.
This is an AML requirement for all live accounts
The following documents are supported:
Address Verification – Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Passport,
Personal Identification – Passport, Driving Licence

You can upload your verification documents by navigating to the “Documents” tab in the JAFX Portal and then clicking on the “Upload Document” button.

Once your verification documents have been uploaded, a member of the JAFX team will review and approve your documents.


Once your verification documents have been uploaded, a member of the JAFX team will review and approve your documents and will send you email confirmation when this is complete.

As a rule of thumb if you are not sure what to do, follow the information in the emails you receive or contact support.

3) Fund Your Landing Account

Once your documents are fully verified it is time to fund your landing account.

A JAFX landing account is where you can store funds before you distribute them into your trading accounts. Funds in the landing account cannot be traded unless you move them to a trading account.

You can fund your landing account by clicking on the “Transfers” tab.

Select “Credit/Debit Card” from the “From Account” dropdown.
(We currently only accept Credit/Debit card payments, Wire solutions will be available within a few weeks)

Select your “Landing Account” from the “To Account” dropdown.

Enter the desired deposit amount into the “Amount” field.

Optionally enter any notes you wish our support team to see in the “Notes” tab for when they approve your deposit.

Click submit to be redirected to our Credit/Debit card payment screen.


Once you click “Submit” you will then be redirected to our Credit/Debit card processing screen.

Proceed to fill in all your contact details and enter the desired deposit amount again.

Click on “Deposit” and proceed to entering your Credit/Debit card details on the next screen and once done click on “Make Payment”

????Then what happens next????

4a) Create A Trading Account

Once you have successfully deposited into your “Landing Account” you will eligible to create as many trading accounts as you wish. A JAFX trading account can be used to trade manually through MT4 or you can plug your own EA’s to MT4 and trade automatically.

To create a trading account click on the “My Accounts” tab in the JAFX Portal and click on “Add USD Account”


On the “Add New Account” page select “Trading Account” from the “Account Type” dropdown box

Select “MetaTrader 4” from the “Select Platform” dropdown box

Read and tick the “I have read and agree to the Customer Agreement” box

Write your full name in the “Enter Electronic Signature” box and click “Confirm Signature”

Enter your JAFX password and click “Add Account”


Once you have clicked “Add Account” you will be redirected back to the “My Accounts” screen where you will be able to see your new Trading account.

You can click on the account number to view details of your trading account, rename the account, download statements, download MT4 and view your MT4 login details

Your MT4 password is sent separately to you via email however if you misplace it you can simply click on “Change Password” to change it to a more desirable one

4b) Create A Managed Account

Once you have successfully deposited into your “Landing Account” you will eligible to create as many managed accounts as you wish. A JAFX managed account will give you the ability to follow the Official JAFX EA or to follow JAFX Third Parties. You will need to create a separate Managed Account for each EA or third party that you wish to follow giving you the ability to spread your funds across programs.

Managed accounts and auto trading is currently NOT available and will be available shortly after launch.

More details on how to create a managed account and follow EA’s or traders will be available shortly.

5) Transfer Funds From Landing Account To Trading/Managed Account

To start trading you will need to move funds from your “Landing Account” to your newly created Trading/Managed account.

To move funds between accounts simply click on the “Transfers” tab and select “Internal Transfer” from the menu on the right.


Now select your “Landing Account” from the “From Account” dropdown box

Select the “Trading Account” you wish to move funds to in the “To Account” dropdown box

Enter the desired amount you wish to transfer into your trading account from your landing account.
note: you can choose any amount to transfer into your trading accounts as long as it does not exceed your “From Account” balance

Proceed to complete the transfer by clicking on “Submit”


Your transfer has now been completed and you will see the new balance of your trading account in the “My Accounts” tab

How do i open a demo account

At JAFX we understand the importance of being able to practice a trading strategy before you decide to take it live. That’s why at JAFX we offer Unlimited MT4 Demo Accounts to our clients. There is no need to sign up for a trading account or even deposit to get a JAFX demo account.

There are 2 ways in which you can create a JAFX Demo Account:

  1. Download and install the JAFX MT4 and open a demo account in MT4
  2. Open a JAFX Trading Account and Contact Us to open an account for you

How long does account approval take

During the initial stages of launch the account approval process may take a few days as we will have to verify a large number of new accounts. After the influx of new accounts you can expect the account approval process to take 1-2 days however we will try our best to approve your account within a few hours.

What account types do you offer?

Currently we offer two different types of accounts.

  1. Golden Ticket ECN Account
  2. JAFX ECN Account

Please click on the accounts above to explore their features.

Account Funding

What deposit methods are currently available?

Currently we only accept Credit/Debit card payments however we will soon be launching a solution for accepting Wire Transfers, Skrill and Neteller

How much are the deposit fees?

  • Credit Card: 2.5%

Why are there deposit fees?

JAFX’s credit card processing company charges us a percentage of the deposit amount and unfortunately we have to pass some of this cost onto the clients as we are a true ECN broker. Brokers that do not charge deposit fees are typically market makers and not ECN brokers.

What are the min and max deposit amounts?

  • Min $10
  • Max $1,000 (Per transaction)
  • Max 3 transactions per 24 hours
  • Max 6 transactions per 72 hours

What withdrawal methods are currently available?

You can either request a withdrawal by Credit/Debit card to the amount you initially deposited or alternatively request a bank wire transfer

How much are the withdrawal fees?

  • Credit/Debit Card: $10 per transaction
  • Wire Transfer: $25 per transaction

What are the min and max withdrawal amounts?

  • Min $100
  • Max available account balance

How long does it take to withdraw?

Typically we aim to process your withdrawal the same day but please allow up to 1-3 days. Once your withdrawal has been processed it normally takes a few days for the transaction to appear on your card or in your bank account.

How many withdrawals can we make per month?

You can make unlimited withdrawals per month

Can withdrawals be made while trades are still open?

Yes however you can only withdraw funds from your “Landing Account” so you will first have to transfer funds from your “Trading Account” to your “Landing Account”

Are my funds segregated?

Yes, your funds will be stored in a segregated account.

Do you offer any bonuses?

No, JAFX does not offer any bonuses as we are a true ECN broker

JAFX Official EA

How do I follow the JAFX Official EA

Currently the JAFX Official EA is not launched, we will be launching the EA within a week or two after launching the JAFX broker.
Once we launch the EA, you will find additional instructions in the FAQ

What is the recommended leverage when using JAEA?

We would recommend a leverage of 1:500 however if you have low risk settings (i.e. max 3%) then a lower leverage will suffice

Is the selection of pairs configurable?

Currently we only offer EA PAMM accounts which include a range of pairs. We will be looking to offer additional customised EA’s in the near future which will allow you to trade only certain pairs.

Do I have to download any software or leave my computer on?

No, you simply have to create a “Managed Account” and fund it to follow the Official JAFX EA

What is the min recommended deposit for the JAEA?

We recommend following the Official JAFX EA with a balance of $1,000 or more however the minimum deposit amount will be shown on each EA when you join them.

JAFX Third Party EA/Manual Traders

I have an EA, can you offer it to your clients?

Yes, we are always searching for traders that have solid EA’s or trade profitably manually.
For more information check out our JAFX PAMM Account

How do I follow third party accounts?

Currently the third party EA/Manual trading is not launched, we will be launching the third party EA/Manual Trading within a week or two after launching the JAFX broker.
Once we launch the thrd party EA/Manual Trading, you will find additional instructions in the FAQ

Can I trade my own EA on JAFX?

Yes, you can trade with your own EA’s on JAFX and there is no obligation to offer it to our client base to follow.


What is the JAFX EAR?

The JAFX EAR is a compiled version of the Official JAFX EA that can be used on external brokers. The EAR will only be available to Golden Ticket clients.

When will the JAFX EAR be available?

The EAR is due for launch at the same time the JAFX Official EA is launched

Whats the difference between PAMM and using the EAR?


What happens if my MT4 disconnects with the EAR?


How many accounts can  run with the EAR?

You are currently allowed to run one MT4 account with the EAR to prevent account sharing

JAFX Trading

Do you guys allow hedging, scalping and news trading?

Yes you are free to hedge, scalp and trade during news events

What is the minimum trade size?

The minimum trade size is 0.01 Lot

What is the maximum trade size?

The maximum trade size of 5,000 Lots

What is the maximum leverage you guys offer?

The maximum leverage JAFX offers clients is 1:500

What time zone is used on JAFX?

The time zone currently used on JAFX is GMT +3

Do you offer an online platform to trade?

No, we currently only offer trading on MT4

Can I trade any system on JAFX?

Yes, you are free to trade any system on your JAFX account

How many Forex pairs can i trade on?

JAFX currently offers trading on 47 forex pairs which are:


JAFX Partners – IB/Affiliates

How much commission can I earn if I bring people to JAFX

JAFX currently offers $2 per Lot RT per trade for any clients that you bring to JAFX. You will earn this commission regardless if the client trades manually or joins a “Managed Account“. We are currently looking into the possibility of a revenue share % for clients that you refer to the Official JAFX EA and will update soon.

Can I transfer my affiliate earnings into my trading account?

Yes, contact us and we will initiate the transfer for you

Can clients in restricted countries still run PAMM accounts?

Yes, if you live in a restricted country (such as the US) you can still run a PAMM account on JAFX

General Questions

I am a bit confused, is there anyone that can help me?

Yes we have a support team on hand to answer any questions you may have, simply fill out the form on the contact us page and our support team will help you

Is telephone support available?

Currently we do not offer telephone support however this is something that we will over in the near future

Are there any inactivity fees?

No, there are no inactivity fees

What countries are restricted from using JAFX?

List of countries…

Is JAFX regulated?

JAFX is currently not regulated. Regulation takes a very long time to setup and we are in the process of applying for regulation

Is JAFX a true ECN broker?

Yes JAFX operates as a full ECN broker with no dealing desk

Who are the liquidity providers?

JAFX currently uses a few liquidity providers, please contact us for more information

What other services will JAFX offer?

JAFX will be offering guides, strategies, webinars and will be featuring third party trainers to give you the best chance at trading