Watch Our Video On How To Install in Minutes

Download MT4 With the IML Harmonic Scanner Pre-Installed

JAFX is committed to fully supporting IML traders by now offering a custom build MT4 with the IML Harmonic Scanner (+Binary Options Scanner) Pre-Installed! We noticed that a number of IML traders were often confused and experienced problems when trying to manually add the IML Harmonic Scanners to their MT4 so we took all the hard work out of it.

If you are an IML trader and would like to use the IML Harmonic Scanner then we strongly suggest that you download the custom MT4 above and follow the video or the instructions below on how to launch it!

The following instructions are for fresh installations. If you already have the JAFX MT4 installed then you must first uninstall it and click the “remove personal information box” during the uninstall process. Once uninstalled proceed with the instructions below.


Step 1:

Download the IML/JAFX Mt4 using the link button on the right.

Step 2:

Double click on the “IML-JAFX-MT4-V2.exe” file that downloaded.


Step 3:

Proceed with the installation process.


Step 4:

When the installation process is complete, MT4 will automatically launch.


Step 5:

  • Log Into Your JAFX Account.
  • The next stage is to login to either your “JAFX MT4 Demo” or “JAFX MT4 Live” account.
  • To login to your JAFX MT4 Demo account, simply click next and select “Existing Trading Account”, enter your login data and click “Finish”

To login to your JAFX MT4 Live account, Simply click on “JAFX-Real3” and click “Next”, then proceed to fill in your “Existing Trading Account” information and click “Finish”


If you do not have a JAFX account then you will either need to “Open A Live Account” or “Open A Demo Account”.

  • To open a live account, follow this link:
  • To open a demo account, select “JAFX-Demo3”, click next and then select “New Demo Account” and follow the instructions.

Step 6:

Whitelist the IML IP address

When you are presented with the “Fatal Error” box, you will need to whitelist the IML server IP, just keep clicking on the OK buttons to close the errors.

Navigate to “Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors” and click on the checkbox for “Allow WebRequest for listed URL”, double click on “add new URL” and enter and press ok.


Step 7:

Log In To The IML Harmonic Scanner EA

  • After you have logged into your JAFX MT4 account you will be presented with 4 charts, the top left “EURUSD H1” and the bottom left “GBPUSD H1” charts already have the IML Harmonic Scanners installed (You will see they have white backgrounds).
  • Press “F7” or right click on each white chart and select “Expert Advisors -> Properties” to bring up the Harmonic Scanner Settings.
  • Click on the “Inputs” tab and proceed to enter your “IML Username And Password” and click ok.
  • You must login to both charts, the top left chart has the Hourly and Daily Harmonic Scanner installed and the bottom left is the Binary Options Harmonic Scanner.

Step 8:

Using the IML Harmonic Scanner

  • If your login details were correctly inputted then you will be presented with a table of “Available Patterns”.

To view the patterns on the chart, simply click on the asset in the table and the chart will change to show you the selected pattern.


If you require assistance in setting up the IML Harmonic Scanner on JAFX feel free to click on the live chat icon or to contact our support by email or phone.

If you require assistance in using and understanding the IML Harmonic Scanner then please refer to your IML Portal and IML Support.