Islamic Forex Account

Allows traders of the Muslim faith to take advantage of JAFX Forex’s world class conditions, swap free.


The JAFX Islamic account is the perfect account option for traders who, due to their religious beliefs, are unable to pay swaps or receive swaps. The JAFX Islamic account is 100% compliant with Sharia law, enabling traders of the Muslim faith to benefit from the institutional grade liquidity that JAFX offers. As a premium broker, we combine the power of multiple liquidity providers to offer you, our client, a denser book and better spread.


Forex Islamic Accounts are most commonly referred to as swap free accounts. A Forex trader who uses this type of trading account will not incur any swaps and will not pay interest on positions that remain open overnight. In comparison, swaps and interest both apply to standard, non-Islamic Forex accounts. To replace these, you would instead pay administration fees on any positions that are applicable for such costs.


If your answer is yes, then the Sharia compliant JAFX Islamic Account is a suitable trading solution for you. Whenever a Forex trade on your JAFX Islamic Account has remained open for the specified period of time, an administration fee will be deducted from the account balance. All JAFX clients who open an Islamic Account can avoid being charged daily swaps. These charges are completely replaced within the MT4 platform by daily administration fees. This applies to all JAFX Forex trading products.

Join us today and experience transparent Forex trading with JAFX. We currently offer an extensive range of Forex currency pairs, commodities and indices for our clients to trade with. Our Islamic clients will be able to access their trading account via the well-known and powerful MT4 platform, and will also be provided with the the ability to trade anywhere and at anytime on the MetaQuotes mobile application.


JAFX provides clients with instant access to the top financial exchanges from around the globe. Using your JAFX Islamic Forex trading account, you will be able to tap into the exchanges that provide the highest levels of liquidity. Furthermore, you will be able to trade these markets swap-free! Simply pay the applicable administration fees rather than swaps to ensure that your trading activity is compliant with Sharia law.


JAFX is thrilled to be able to offer our clients trading with popular commodities such as Gold and Silver. We work closely with the top liquidity providers to provide our clients with the best possible spreads on all of the assets that we offer. Islamic Gold and Silver trading requires that these assets are physically backed, and we have worked to ensure that we were able to help our clients to meet this requirement..


Trade Oil using your Islamic JAFX account today. Within our MT4 platform, the price of Oil is linked to the price of futures. These futures are traded on stock exchanges around the globe. JAFX allows clients to trade Oil without incurring positive or negative swaps. Signup for a JAFX Islamic account today to start trading this profit yielding commodity.

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