Why JAFX Pamm Account?

JAFX provides a secure, reliable platform that allows money managers and investors to interact.

JAFX facilitates the trading activities of money managers within the realms of allowed regulations.

JAFX facilitates the account keeping, deposits, withdrawal, and related activities.


For Investors

Put your money to work, with no effort, no trading skills. JAFX PAMM Accounts service allows investors to earn on Forex without trading on their own. JAFX PAMM accounts are a simple hassle-free method for individuals to pick and choose their money managers for forex trading. When the manager earns profit, the amount of funds on the PAMM account increases and the profit is distributed between the manager and the investors based on the amount of their initial investments. To invest funds just choose a PAMM Account or a ready-to-use PAMM Portfolio (a collection of several PAMM Accounts together).

For PAMM Managers

The JAFX PAMM accounts are perfect for Asset Managers that are looking to attract clients to their Managed Accounts. If you have a profitable EA or you are an excellent manual trader then sign up as an Asset Manager and allow clients to follow your trades. You will have access to a fully managed dashboard where you will have the ability to specify how you charge your clients.
You will be able to charge your clients through volume based commissions, performance fees and management fees. You can create multiple portfolios and have full control over them at all times.
You can also contact us and submit your PAMM Account for us to offer it to our entire client base giving you an instant boost in exposure.


A PAMM account, often referred to as a managed account or auto-traded account provides traders with an option to have someone else trade Forex on their behalf. PAMM accounts are suitable for many different types of traders; from novice traders who wish to have someone else do all of the trading for them, to seasoned traders looking to boost their earnings. A PAMM account can also help traders who find that they simply do not have enough free time each day to actively trade and work towards their profit goals.

How Does a Forex PAMM Account Work?

The use of a PAMM, or managed account, is quite simple. The first step is to examine the available account manager options. Here at JAFX, you will be able to view the complete details for each available option. Profits, losses, number of trades taken, days active, drawdown, and other important details are provided. JAFX does not offer investment advice, so it is your responsibility to study this information carefully when making a decision with regards to which account manager to work with. Select one or more – the choice is entirely up to you.

Once a selection has been made, the next step would be to fund your account (if you haven’t already), create a managed (sub-account), and sign up for the managed account of your choosing. After the account becomes active, you can monitor the progress of your PAMM account by logging into your JAFX back office and viewing the current data. You can also download comprehensive trade reports which detail every trade that was executed by your account manager, along with the outcome, at any time.

There is no obligation to continue to use a managed account for any length of time. You can enroll and un-enroll in auto-traded accounts as you wish. You can also withdraw your profits at any time, while leaving the account open for trading. There are no contracts to sign and fees are only deducted once a month. Have any questions or need help with getting started? Contact us! The JAFX support team is always available to help.

Do you consider yourself to be an expert trader and have the profit numbers to prove it? If so, JAFX would love to work with you. Through the JAFX platform, you can offer your trading services to thousands of active clients. We provide all of the tools necessary for you to market your services to a large base of Forex traders. Why stop at earning only through trading FX when you could also be earning through helping others to profit, too? If you are interested in becoming an account manager, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and assist you with setting up your own manager account.

Apart from a usual trading business platform, JAFX allows transparent review,
feedback, rating, and related mechanisms for investors
and money managers to select and interact with each other.