After your registration is completed you need to login into your Asset Manager (AM) account in the JAFX portal and go to:
1. Profile, 2. Managed Accounts, 3. New Program


2 Click on New Program
and a window will pop up
and you can fill all requested fields.

Program Name

The name that you want to call your PAMM which is visible to all clients

Minimum Deposit

Min. deposit required to join your PAMM

Deposit Acceptance

Depending on your trading system you can choose if they can deposit/join your PAMM on daily/weekly/monthly bases.

Minimum Drawdown % Accepted by the Client

This is the minimum drawdown level that the client must accept to join the PAMM account. For example the AM sets the minimum drawdown % at 40%. When the client joins with $1,000 then the client cannot set their stop out level higher than $600. They would simply have to risk at least $400.

Performance Fee

The performance fee is a % figure that you can charge your client’s automatically based on their profits either on a monthly or quarterly basis. The whole model is calculated on high water mark. For example, lets say the AM sets the performance fee at 40% and they grow the account from $1,000 to $1,100. The client would automatically pay a $40 (40% of profit) fee. Going forward, their “high water mark level“ would be at $1,060 ($1,100 minus $40). If the AM has a bad month and the account reduces to $500, then the client would not pay any fees as the account has not exceeded the High Water Mark level of $1,060. As soon as the account grows past $1,060 then the client would pay a performance fee again. The performance fee is calculated on the account equity at the end of the month, not the account balance.

Management Fee

A management fee is a yearly % fee that the AM can charge. If you charge on a monthly bases you will get 1/12 of the chosen %. Therefore if you wish to charge 10% per month you will need to input 120% for the year.


The currency you wish to set the PAMM. The client can only join in this currency.


Select MT Server 01.

Fee Group

JAFX charges 4 USD per lot commission when trades are placed. The Asset Manager can mark it up. For example if you were to mark the commission up by 5 USD per lot, then you would earn 5 USD extra per lot. Here an example:

4 USD is our broker commission

5 USD is your Asset Manager commission

= 9 USD per lot on commission the client will be charged.

You can mark the commission up as much as you want.

If you are are planning to bring your own clients, we suggest registering also as an introducing broker (IB). The main advantage is that you will earn 2 USD commission on each trader that you bring! This extra 2 USD we deduct from our 4 USD commission we charge as a broker. Regardless if they trade manually, with your PAMM or even a different PAMM you will always get this 2 USD. Here an example when you mark it up by 5 USD and bring your own clients.

2 USD is our broker commission

2 USD is your IB commission

5 USD is your Asset Manager commission

= 9 USD per lot on commission the client gets charged.

If you don’t want to mark it up, we can still leave it at 4 USD to have better trading conditions for the client. But this is up to you and how your system can handle higher commissions.


After you clicked on “Add Program” you need to wait until the support team approve your PAMM. As soon as it is approved you will receive an email with all login data for your PAMM MT4.

Here a list of our internal fee groups that we currently offer:

The fee groups below are only available for USD PAMMs.If any of the fee groups are not visible for you or you require them in a different currency (GBP or EUR) then please contact us before you create the PAMM!
Live_MonW_118 is our default fee group which every client is using when they trade manually.

Live_MonW_118: 4 USD overall commission 0 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon14_118: 5 USD overall commission 1 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon8_118: 6 USD overall commission 2 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon6_118: 7 USD overall commission 3 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon10_118: 8 USD overall commission 4 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon1_118: 9 USD overall commission 5 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon15_118: 10 USD overall commission 6 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon11_118: 11 USD overall commission 7 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon3_118: 12 USD overall commission 8 USD as your own mark up

Live_Mon13_118: 14 USD overall commission 10 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon7_118: 15 USD overall commission 11 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon4_118: 16 USD overall commission 12 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon5_118: 18 USD overall commission 14 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon2_118: 20 USD overall commission 16 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon16_118: 24 USD overall commission 20 USD as your own mark up
Live_Mon12_118: 44 USD overall commission 40 USD as your own mark up

The last step is to activate your own PAMM by clicking on the “tick”: When it has been activated, it will appear in a green colour. Our system will then go through all clients and activate this PAMM for them, making it visible for them to join. This process can take a few hours so please be patient.


If you need any other commission mark-up please contact us under or on Skype: john.anthony.affiliates