Third Party Trading Groups

Reduce the Costs of Doing Business

Maximize your profits. ReduceTransactional Costs. Simplify your business operations.

As a capital market participant, you are always under pressure. You need to adhere to the strict regulatory environment. You must reduce your operational costs. You have to increase your profit margins. All along with that, you also have to maintain credibility. At the same time, PSPs charge you up to 18% per transaction. Banks take heavy commissions for each deposit. Costs related to customer acquisition and other charges are typically covered by you, the broker. Isn’t it high time you changed the model and reduced your costs? Let JAFX helps you

Account Funding & Exchange Easy Steps:

  1. Send your KYC to
  2. Once received, our team will reply with the  JAFX Custodian Wire Instructions
  3. Once it all set and verified, account will be ready to be traded
  4.  Withdraw will be made from account on file or submit your BTC Wallet to receive it in bitcoins

Boosted credibility. Increased client satisfaction. Better Client relationships.

JAFX delivers funding services for brokers that result in greater trust between brokers and their clients. A relationship with JAFX results in a reduction in administrative and regulatory issues. This results in greater client retention and satisfaction giving your business the opportunity to grow by having JAFX:

  • Security of knowing that client assets are held at AAA-rated banks.
  • Segregate client and company funds to minimize financial risks.
  • Improve your credibility as a successful broker.