Third Party Training Groups

JAFX understands the need for people to communicate, learn, understand from other traders or people who are on the same level as they are. We also understand that what works for one person doesn’t always work for someone else. Some like to look and listen, some like to read and absorb whilst others just like to get on an do it. We are therefore starting to build a database of companies and groups that we are aware of that are currently growing in popularity.


Phoenix FXC

Phoenix FXC offers FREE online trading education, trading software, tools,  and other FREE education to help you get started or continue to grow your wealth. We have a very large international community that spans across many different social platforms that anybody can join for FREE! Phoenix FXC has also partnered with JAFX and other key partners to help our members in as many aspects as possible.

Our Core Mantra:
Take care of people, and everything else falls into place!
We believe in providing the most honest, transparent and quality services/products possible. We have plenty of client testimonials to show for it! The financial industry can be a confusing and at times, detrimental place. We aim to alleviate this where we can by providing the best experience possible for you!

Benefits and Free Tools:

FREE Community (FB, Telegram, Twitter, IG, and more!) | |

FREE Education (Plenty of videos, articles, webinars, etc) |
FREE YouTube Education, Motivation, Etc

Quality Products/Services
A Trusted, and Transparent Team Who Truly Cares!

Phoenix FXC its owners, contractors, partners, and associates are not Financial Advisers. We do not give financial advice. We are consultants who seek to provide helpful updates, and or information. Please read our full government required disclaimer: