Verification Documents Missing

There was a problem registering your account for the competition, it seems that you have a JAFX trading account however you have not uploaded your verification documents.

Please upload your verification documents in the JAFX Portal, wait for them to be approved and try again.

If you think there is a problem then please Contact Support.


You can upload your verification documents by navigating to the “Documents” tab in the JAFX Portal and then clicking on the “Upload Document” button.


The following documents are supported:
Address Verification – Bank Statements, Utility Bills etc (Anything official with your address on it)
Personal Photo Identification – Passport, Driving Licence, National ID Card or similar
Documents must be within the last 3 months and provided in a high quality scan/photo

Once your verification documents have been uploaded, a member of the JAFX team will review and approve your documents and will send you email confirmation when this is complete and you will then be able to register for the competition.


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